The Castles in Val Gardena

The Castles in Val Gardena

Everyone likes castles and Val Gardena has plenty of them, all rich of history as the Valley itself.


Castel Gardena

The summer residence and hunting lodge, built by Engelhard Dietrich von Wolkenstein-Trostburg between 1622 and 1641, is on the border between Selva di Val Gardena and Santa Cristina. In 1863, Count Leopold von Wolkenstein-Trostburg donated it to the municipality of Santa Cristina to transform it in a residence for the elderly and poor. Since 1926, the castle is owned by the Baron Franchetti and is no longer accessible to the public.


Wolkenstein Castle Ruins

The ruin is now accessible by a steep path from Vallunga. The castle, built in the early XII century, collapsed in 1525 and was never rebuilt.

From the XIV Century it belongs to the family of Wolkenstein, whose name it bears. It is believed that the famous poet and composer Oswald von Wolkenstein used to stay here during the summer months.


Medieval castle of Stetteneck

In the summer of 2000 a group of archaeologists found the remaing of a thirteenth century walls on the so-called Pincan Hill at the foot of Mountain Balest. Research has shown that it was part of Castel Stetteneck, a mysterious Castle only mentioned in a document dated 1324. Castel Stetteneck was probably a castle property of a band of thieves, described by Karl Felix Wolff in a local saga. This castle was located on the trade route Troi Paian and its lord demanded from passing merchants to pay a higher tariff or being locked up in the dungeons.